Electric Kiwi Introduces Export Rates for Solar

February 23, 2022

New Zealand’s newest and fastest-growing power company – Electric Kiwi – is now offering its customers a solar buyback rate on all plans.

On the MoveMaster plan, customers will receive a 12.5c/kWh buyback rate and on other plans, customers will receive 8c/kWh on our other plans (excluding GST). This is automatically added to your account if a solar register is connected to your property.

If you are generating your own solar energy at home and are an Electric Kiwi customer, you will only pay for the additional electricity you use in your home outside of what you have generated.

Electric Kiwi’s MoveMaster plan not only gives you a higher buyback rate but also moves your power usage to off-peak. Using off-peak power is cheaper and more likely to be from a renewable energy resource, such as hydro or wind. Coal and gas power stations are often used during peak power times to make up for the demand. So you can reduce your impact on the environment and Kiwi infrastructure, as well as save money, too.

It’s recommended to use this plan if you have an electric vehicle, rooftop solar, larger appliances you can run during off-peak times, or if you can set an automated timer on some of your appliances. It’s also great for anyone who is willing and able to move some of their electricity usage that doesn’t need to be done during peaks. Things like washing, drying clothes, running the dishwasher, or heating up the electric blanket.

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