Solar For Tiny Homes

Living Tiny

Whether you live in a rural location without reliable grid access, or simply want to be more independent of the grid, we have a Solartive solar solution for your tiny home. More and more customers are choosing to go off-grid, simply to gain complete energy independence.

The most important step in designing and sizing an off-grid solar power system is to determine the energy loads and appliances you are using and when. We use the latest technology in solar for off grid and  offer a wide range of off-grid solar systems to meet most budgets.

Get off the grid

Our off-grid solar systems are designed to run most loads, for example, lights, a small energy-efficient fridge/freezer, TV, laptops, mobile devices, a small jug, and a small water pump. If you would like to run more loads, we suggest adding more panels to the system or using your heavier loads when the sun is out and not during the evening, or using your generator. The systems below are designed for households that run gas hot water, a fireplace for space heating and gas for cooking.

Tiny Whare

The Tiny Whare Off-Grid Kit is the ideal choice for two to three people living off the grid in a tiny home, needing enough power to run basic appliances and a water pump. With our all-in-one hybrid off grid inverter, you'll have access to a remote monitoring application to track your solar production, usage and battery storage.

Off Grid Solar Assessment

Whare Nui

Our Off-Grid Whare package is ideal for a whānau of up to 4 people, living off the grid. With enough solar panels to generate up to 17kWh per day, this system is designed for high use during the day with enough battery capacity to get you through the evening. To support your self-sufficient lifestyle, this system comes with a remote monitoring app to track your solar production, usage and storage.

Off Grid Solar Assessment

Whānau Freedom

Our popular Whānau Freedom package suits three to four-bedroom houses that have three or four people using 10-15kW/day. This German-designed system can either be off-grid or grid-connected - this will allow your whānau the freedom to use the energy from the sun and draw off the batteries during the evening. It comes with full monitoring. So you can monitor your production, loads and battery storage capacity. It's like the BMW of our industry without the high price tag.

Off Grid Solar Assessment