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We’re 100% proudly Northland owned and operated Solar Power business. Our showroom/office is in Whangarei. We are located in the Bay of Islands, Kerikeri, Mangonui and Kaitaia. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we are passionate about supporting renewable energy for all kiwis and are proud to offer the latest in solar power technology.

Talk to us about our range of affordable solar packages to suit your requirements.  We have a wide range of suitable off-grid and grid-connected solutions. We are your trusted local solar energy partner.

Eco Warrior Kit

Our Off Grid DIY Eco Warrior Kit is best suited for one person with low power needs living in a tiny home, cabin or bach off the grid. The kit comes with everything you need to start generating your own power - around 7kWh per day. Enough to run an efficient small fridge, LED lights, a laptop and TV and charge your mobile phone.

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Eco Warrior Max

The Eco Warrior Max system is ideal for one to two people living in a tiny home, cabin or bach off the grid with the ability to generate up to 10kWh of energy per day. There is enough energy in this solar system to run an efficient small fridge/freezer, LED lights, a laptop and TV and charge your mobile phones.

Tiny Homes

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Tiny Whare Off-Grid

Tiny Whare Off-Grid Kit is the ideal choice for two to three people living off the grid in a tiny home, needing enough power to run basic appliances and a water pump. With a 5000W/48V 100A all-in-one hybrid inverter, you'll have access to a remote monitoring application to track your solar production, usage and battery storage.

Tiny Homes

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Off-Grid Whare Nui

Our Off-Grid Whare Nui package is ideal for a whānau of up to 4 people, living off the grid. With enough solar panels to generate up to 17kWh per day, this system is designed for high use during the day with enough battery capacity to get you through the evening. To support your self-sufficient lifestyle, this system comes with a remote monitoring app to track your solar production, usage and storage.

Off-Grid Solar

Warrior Kit

The Warrior Kit solar package is ideal for up to five people who need a bit more power in the evenings when the sun goes down. It would suit a three-bedroom home and can generate up to 10-15kW/day. With 5.76kWh of battery storage available, there's enough to keep your fridge/freezer running whilst you've got the lights on and enjoying some evening television.

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Whānau Freedom

Our popular Whānau Freedom package suits three to four-bedroom houses that have three or four people using 10-15kW/day. This system is still connected to the grid, so you will need batteries - but this will allow your whānau the freedom to use the energy from the sun for those months when power bills can go through the roof!

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Residential Solar

Kōtuku Kit

Our Kōtuku Kit package is perfect if you are living with up to 5 people in a 3-4 bedroom whare. With this package, you can generate your power during the day and store any excess energy in your supplied batteries for nighttime use. Our technology allows you to be either grid-connected or off the grid.

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Stormtrooper Kit

The Stormtrooper Kit is our largest system available and is ideal for when there are five or more people living in a home, using 30-40kWh/day. This system has the ability to comfortably run a small energy-efficient fridge/freezer and washing machine and a small water pump, along with LED lightbulbs, and smaller appliances.

New Builds

Residential Homes

Custom Design

We have our very own in-house experienced solar designer. Who can sit down and go through a design and custom-create your own unique solar package that will suit you and your whānau's needs. Our custom packages will take into account your energy loads and when you will need them.

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