Solar Batteries

Store your solar energy with solar batteries

Solar batteries are an important component of your solar power setup, particularly in grid-connected situations. They allow you to store any surplus solar power you generate for use at any time.

How can solar batteries support my system?

Whether you’re looking at reducing your power bill or eliminating it entirely, solar power with battery storage backup is the optimal solution.

Your solar inverter will first power your home’s immediate power needs during the daytime (such as appliances) and excess power over what’s needed will be stored in your solar battery. Once the battery’s fully charged, excess power will be fed back into the grid. At nighttime – when you’re not getting any new solar energy – you can use battery-stored power first, before tapping into the power grid.

A battery system allows you to go even further by storing surplus solar generation for use at any time. If you are still connected to the grid and your home experiences power cuts or regular power outages, then having a battery to back up those essential loads would be the perfect solution, while protecting yourself against rising electricity prices from the power companies.

If you’re unsure whether you should opt for a battery storage system, our local team can talk this through with you. Just get in touch!


Established in 2012, AlphaESS products are German-designed and are supplied to more than 50 countries worldwide.  AlphaESS specialises in advanced battery storage and intelligent energy management solutions for both residential and commercial customers. Today we use the latest innovative technologies with modern pre-wired battery technology for a true plug-and-play installation that saves you valuable time and cost of installation.

AlphaESS offers homeowners complete energy storage systems that meet the needs of a wide range of building types and demand profiles.

The Smile S6 HV goes the extra mile with its ability to be on-grid and off-grid. If you experience a power cut or disconnect from the grid, the automated islanding function will kick-in and use your stored electricity to power your home.

In today’s world, much of our lives are assisted using the power of technology, which is why the Smile S6 was designed to be a high-voltage product. It is 8 percent more efficient than our Smile5 residential battery due to its ability to have an output rate of 6kW, and simultaneously store an additional 3kW. This means when the solar panels are producing maximum energy, it is stored for later use as opposed to going to waste.

Our Smile S6 HV battery systems can pair with up to six batteries, with the large 8.2kWh battery expanding your storage capacity to 49.2kWh.

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Pylontech Lithium Batteries

Pylontech Lithium Batteries are the latest in Home Energy Storage Systems. As the leading vertically integrated manufacturer of lithium iron phosphate battery systems, Pylontech has provided various battery solutions for the majority of  ESS applications.

With various compatible systems, a 15yr design life, 6,000 cycle life and 80% depth of discharge (DoD), these batteries are perfect for our Tiny Whare and Whare Nui Off-Grid kits.

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