Hybrid Ready Inverters

Converting energy to power your life

At Solartive, we use the latest technologies to ensure our customers have the most efficient solar system available to them. We carry a range of grid connected and off grid inverters that deliver the most cost-effective and fit-for-purpose solutions.

What is a solar inverter?

An inverter is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a solar energy system. After sunlight hits solar panels, it’s captured within photovoltaic cells and transported to an inverter – which then converts direct current (DC) electricity (which is what a solar panel generates) to alternating current (AC) electricity (which the electrical grid uses).

Inverter technologies have advanced significantly, so that in addition to converting DC to AC, they provide a number of other capabilities and services to ensure that the inverter can operate at an optimal performance level, such as data monitoring, and advanced utility controls, applications and system design engineering. We help to customise which inverter you will need for your home, depending on your energy needs.


A single-phase 5kW hybrid inverter module that is expandable to 60.6kWh

Whether you are living in an area prone to power cuts, or in the city, the Smile5 will cater to your home’s energy needs with its high-performance features, such as its islanding function. The high-tech islanding function was developed to keep your home’s critical circuits powered without interruption when the grid is down, i.e., during a power cut.

The AlphaESS battery series chemistry is Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), which means it is safe and reliable. Our Smile5 battery systems can pair with up to six batteries, with the large 10.1kWh battery expanding your storage capacity to 60.6kWh.

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Alpha Smile S6 – German design, superb performance and long lifespan

A single-phase, high voltage residential battery system with the ability to go on-grid and off-grid.

The Smile S6 HV goes the extra mile with its ability to be on-grid and off-grid. If you experience a power cut or disconnect from the grid, the automated islanding function will kick in and use your stored electricity to power your home.

In today’s world, much of our lives are assisted using the power of technology, which is why the Smile S6 was designed to be a high-voltage product. It is 8% more efficient than our Smile5 residential battery due to its ability to have an output rate of 6kW, and simultaneously store an additional 3kW. This means when the solar panels are producing maximum energy, it is stored for later use as opposed to going to waste.

Our Smile S6 HV battery systems can pair with up to six batteries, with the large 8.2kWh battery expanding your storage capacity to 49.2kWh.

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Growatt Off-Grid Series- suitable for backup power and self-consumption

With Growatt off-grid inverter, you can increase self-consumption, be independent of the grid and reduce your electricity bills which ensures the most efficient use of solar energy.

As a global leader in smart energy solutions, Growatt provides residential, commercial and utility-scale PV inverters, energy storage systems, microgrid systems and smart energy management solutions. The company is dedicated to becoming the world’s largest supplier of smart energy solutions.

Growatt was founded in 2010 and over the years, Growatt has built strong and experienced local teams in key solar markets with an extensive service network of 20 offices worldwide.  Dedicated to technology and product innovations, Growatt invests heavily in research and development. The R&D team at Growatt has more than 400 professional engineers.

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