Your Solar Installation

On Your Roof or Ground, We Install It All

With our experienced, qualified and dedicated in-house team of Electricians and Installers and the support of our very own Solar Designer – you can trust us to get your solar up and running with ease.  When you’re ready to get solar for your home, here’s the typical process you can expect.

Step 1 | Solar Assessment


Over the phone, in person or online – our first step is to have a korero about your solar energy needs.  We’ll ask a few questions about the loads (appliances) you’re running, whether you’re connected to the grid (mains power) or not and some details about your home – for example, the type of roof, the pitch and condition.

Step 2 | Solar Quote


We understand that cost is a key consideration in choosing to go solar, so we can offer a quote for full supply and installation of a solar energy system, specific to your needs and situation.  At this stage, the quote will be subject to a site assessment (see below) but we will provide you with an indication of any likely additional costs that we’re aware of.

Step 3 | Site Assessment


Once you’re comfortable with the quote to go solar, we’ll arrange for our installers to come out and undertake a full site assessment. To begin, our Electrician and Installer will assess your home for the basics: such as the storage location for the solar system we’ve recommended, the type, angle and orientation of your roof, and how much sunlight will hit your panels.

They will also take a closer look at your roof’s strength, structural integrity and surface space, or if the system would be better suited on the ground. They will also examine your switchboard and electrical wiring, to determine whether an upgrade is needed before the solar system is installed.

After the Site Assessment, we can confirm the quote for your acceptance.

Step 4 | Preparing for your installation


At this stage, a few different things happen that depend on your type of connection; off-grid or grid-connected, solar panels on your roof or ground mount.

If you’re connected to the grid, we will submit an application to your lines company (e.g. Top Energy/Northpower) to have your solar generation connected to their network.  Once we’ve received the approval, we will contact your Electricity Retailer to arrange for a smart meter to be installed at your property to measure the import of electricity and export of solar energy.

If you’re having your panels installed on a ground mount structure, we will provide you with the specifications for this so you can arrange the construction.

The key outcome of this step is scheduling your solar installation.

Step 5 | Installing and turning on your solar system


On the day of installation, our team will arrive to get your solar system up and running.  The installers will attach the racking to your rooftop or ground mount structure, place the solar panels and connect the inverter and batteries (if applicable) to the array and your electrical system.  Depending on the size of your system, installation could take anywhere from one to three days.

In an off-grid environment, your solar system can be switched on immediately so you can start producing solar energy.

For grid-connected situations, your solar system will be switched on after the final approval from an independent Electrical Inspector and meter installation.

Step 6 | Monitoring & Paperwork


Most of our solar set-ups will come with an online monitoring portal, which will allow you to see how much energy your solar panels are generating, how much energy you are using, storing in batteries and exporting back to the grid (if applicable).  It’s the perfect way to make the most of your system.

We’ll get you all set up and added to our monitoring system to provide you with backup support when needed. Along with this, we’ll send you a copy of your user manuals, warranties, Electrical Certificate of Compliance and Record of Inspection.

Step 7 | Reap the Rewards


The rest is over to you to live a cleaner lifestyle using renewable energy from the sun.