Harness energy from the Sun

There’s no beating around the bush koutou mā – the potential for Marae to power our hui, wananga and tangihanga at little to no cost, using our natural resource of Tama Nui te Rā seems tupuna intended.

More and more Marae are looking to go solar

There are many benefits going solar for the marae, especially for when there is a power cut, the marae is able to still keep the lights and power on!  We offer the latest in solar battery technology. And any excess solar can be shared back into the community.
Why Choose Us?
  • We’re proud members of the Sustainable Energy Association New Zealand, SEANZ
  • We’ve got over 20yrs of combined solar energy experience
  • Our core team are local employees not contractors
  • We can do a custom design to suit the marae annual consumption
  • All of our systems are inspected by an independent Electrical Inspector
  • You can visit our showroom in Whangārei
Our warranties are as follows:
· 25 year performance warranty on our solar panels
· 10 year inverter warranty
· 10 year performance warranty on our batteries
All we need is a copy of your latest powerbill and we can start to design a system.

Korero mai, let's talk about solar

Frequently Asked Questions - Marae & Papakāinga Solar

  • How much money can you save with solar power?
    Being completely open and transparent, it’s difficult to provide a dollar figure or percentage answer to this common question.
    Solar savings will vary – just like our monthly power bills do. The pure nature of how we utilise our Marae makes it hard to compare e.g. no events in one month could mean the Marae gets a credit on their power bill for exported solar, which can be quite different the month after or even when compared to the same month the previous year.
    It all comes down to ensuring the solar power system size is fit for purpose and budget. By reviewing the last twelve months Marae power bills and understanding the space available for the solar panels, we can forecast the amount of power that should be covered by your solar power system (depending on weather conditions).
  • How much does it cost?
    It varies depending on the size of your system, if you include batteries or a generator and if any additional mounting or safety options are needed, e.g. panel tilts, scaffolding etc.
    As a guide, a basic system without batteries would cost around $35,000 installed.
  • Are there any funding options?
    Aē – there are, through the Oranga Marae fund provided by Te Puni Kōkiri and the Department of Internal Affairs. This fund can help with:
    • Marae development planning
    • Technical Feasibility support (could include feasibility studies for solar and peer to peer sharing)
    • Cultural vitalisation activities, and
    • Capital works (could include purchase of solar power equipment)
    You can check out more information about the Oranga Marae fund through this link for Te Puni Kokiri or this link for the Department of Internal Affairs.