Financing your Solar System

There are a few considerations when choosing to power your lifestyle with solar energy – what size system you need, to include batteries or not, if you want to share your excess solar with someone else/store it/or sell it back to the grid?

Underlying some of these decisions will be how you intend to pay for the system and how this affects your solar investment.

Take advantage of up to 36mths interest free finance with Q Card or approach one of the major NZ banks offering low to no interest rate loans for solar.

Q Card No Interest Finance*

Solartive is pleased to offer up to 36mths interest free finance on our solar systems.

*Lending criteria, $50 annual account fee, fees, terms and conditions apply.

Solar Finance

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ASB's Better Homes Top Up loan is available for existing ASB home loan customers, with a 1% interest rate per annum fixed for 3yrs. The ASB Better Homes Top Up will enable existing home loan customers to borrow up to $80,000 to fund eligible improvements such as heating and insulation, solar panels, inverters and batteries, or double-glazing installation. It’s also available to fund electric (EV) and hybrid (PHEV) vehicle purchases.

ASB Better Homes Top Up


Westpac offers a Greater Choices Home Loan which was previously called Warm Up. You could get up to $50,000 interest free for five years to invest in a mix of insulation, heat pumps, double glazing, ventilation, wood burners, solar power systems and batteries, as well as electric vehicle chargers. Westpac Greater Choices home loan is available for new or current Westpac Choices home loan customers and no establishment fee applies.

Westpac Greater Choices Home Loan


Kiwibank's Sustainable Energy loan is available to help home owners install an eligible sustainable energy system and they’ll kick in some cash to help you pay it off faster. If you borrow more than $5,000, they’ll contribute up to $2,000 over four years towards the cost of the system – $800 at the end of the first year and $400 at the end of each of the following three years. And they have options for lenders switching their home loans to Kiwibank.

Kiwibank Sustainable Energy loan


With BNZ's Green Home Loan Top Up you could borrow up to $80,000 at a 1% p.a. 3 year fixed rate to pay for eligible upgrades to your home such as home insulation, renewable energy, ventilation, and heating - or upgrading to an electric/hybrid vehicle.

BNZ Green Home Loan Top Up


ANZ's Good Energy Home Loan is available for existing ANZ home loan customers at a fixed rate of 1.00% per annum for 3 years, up to $80,000, to make your home more energy efficient and better for the environment

ANZ Good Energy Home Loan


The NZHL Sustainable Energy Loan is available to pay for an approved renewable energy system. They’ll contribute up to $2,000 (over four years) towards the cost of the system and if you’re already a NZHL client, they’ll waive the fee to top-up your home loan.

NZHL Sustainable Energy Loan