Solar Panels

Harness energy from the sun

Lets Shine the Light on Solar

Enough sunlight reaches the earth in one hour to power the world for an entire year. Unlike the substantial resources and capital needed to extract and burn fossil fuels, anyone can purchase and install solar panels to take advantage of this abundance of sunlight. Best of all, solar generates significant long-term savings on electricity bills.

How do solar panels work?

The components of a solar panel aren’t as complex as you might think. Some of the first solar panels were developed in the late 19th century! The most important component within a solar panel is the photovoltaic (PV) cells that capture sunlight and transfer the energy to the inverters that change the DC electricity to AC electricity (which is the most commonly used form of electricity). Each photovoltaic cell is contained within a larger silicon cell encased in glass and metal to protect it from weather and water damage.

We use the latest innovative solar panel technology.

Founded in 1997, Trina Solar is the world’s leading comprehensive solutions provider for solar energy. Trina Solar is a top-tier global company that makes affordable, reliable solar panels. In recent years, they’ve introduced innovative products like the Vertex panels.

Trina Solar Panels come with a 25 year Product Warranty and 25 year Performance Warranty. The design of these panels allows them to have an outstanding performance under New Zealand’s sun especially during the winter months when there is overcast weather. 

Trina Vertex Datasheet

LONGi PV Solutions LONGi is a world leader in the clean energy transition, founded in February 2000 as Xi’an LONGi Silicon Materials Corporation. The company’s initial focus was on the development and production of single crystal (mono) silicon wafers that are used in many of major solar panels. LONGi has 9 manufacturing plants and recognised as the world’s most valuable solar technology company, with the highest market value. Innovation and sustainable development are two of LONGi’s core values.

Longi Solar Panels come with a 25 year Product Warranty and 25 year Performance Warranty.


Reduce your carbon footprint

Unlike energy generated by fossil fuels, solar doesn’t release harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Sustainable carbon-free energy solutions such as solar are crucial to slowing the pace of climate change and preventing further damage to the environment.

Save on electricity bills

Installing solar panels significantly reduces monthly electricity bills and dependence on the power grid. This energy independence protects against rising electricity costs and volatile fuel prices. With analysts forecasting continued increases in electricity rates, solar remains a cost-effective solution and long-term investment in the future.