Banks now offering low-interest loans

December 19, 2022

Solar panels on roof in New Zealand
As renewable energy has become increasingly popular, financial services have become more accessible than ever. Its been a long time coming and now it is finally here the big banks in NZ are supporting more kiwis with incredible low-interest loans for solar. This is very exciting for our industry as the banks are coming to the party and helping more kiwis go solar. 
Below are just some of the banks that are offering low-interest loans for solar. 

Westpac just changed their warm-up loan to be 4 times bigger than it originally was. Offering a loan up to $40,000 for 5 years, interest-free. To help push Westpac mortgage owners to live sustainably, healthier, and more efficient.
Check out the Westpac Warm-Up Loan here.

ANZ also are supporting your solar and their Good Energy Home Loan offers a top-up on your ANZ home loan at a fixed rate for 3 years, up to $80,000. Helping you to do something back for the planet whilst saving money by installing solar.
Check out ANZ’s Good Energy Home Loan here.

ASB has the Better Homes Top Up. Top up your ASB Home Loan, up to $80,000, to make your home more energy efficient. ASB Better Homes Top Up offers 1% Fixed for 3 years, up to $80,000.
Check out ASB’s Better Homes Top Up here.
BNZ Green Home Loan top-ups. You could borrow up to $80,000 at a 1% p.a. 3 year fixed rate to pay for eligible upgrades to your home. You could make your home warmer and more energy-efficient with these eligible upgrades such as solar panels, batteries, and inverters (including related costs for planning and installation).
Check out BNZ’s Green Home Loan Top-up here.

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