Budget Announcement 2023 – Renewable Energy

May 31, 2023

renewable energy; solar

We were anxiously waiting on the Budget announcement to gain some insight into the Government’s thoughts, plans and initiatives for renewable energy – specifically solar energy.  

We were relieved to hear the Budget 2023 provides $50 million for distributed renewable energy projects that will enhance the energy resilience of low-income and energy-insecure communities. The funding is proposed to help address the distributional impacts of climate change, in addition to building resilience to its impacts and helping to reduce emissions.

The Office for the Minister of Energy and Resources have indicated through Budget 2023 another $30 million was announced for expanding existing support to community-based renewable energy and resilience projects, helping even more low-income communities, and communities with insecure access to energy. This will include projects like community-scale solar.

We are unclear if this is in addition to the $50m or inclusive.  Either way, we were pleased to see some commitment for this important kaupapa and are hopeful some of the money will reach Te Tai Tokerau, Northland as we have some of the highest electricity prices in the country.  We’re hopeful this budget announcement helps to ensure everyone has access to reliable electricity, regardless of their income level and location. 

We suggest that whānau, Marae and Community Groups who are interested in solar energy start to plan their projects in preparation for any funding opportunities through the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).  Things to consider:

  • What are your energy needs? 
  • Why doesn’t conventional energy (mains electricity) suit your situation?
  • What are your goals in relation to renewable/solar energy?
  • How can you maximise the impact of renewable solar energy for your situation?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the budget announcement – drop us an email at office@solartive.co.nz

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