Solar panel cleaning

April 18, 2023

Solar Panel Cleaning


Keep your solar panels shining bright and working efficiently with a regular annual clean 🧹

Did you know that dust, dirt, and bird droppings can reduce the efficiency of your solar panels? Regular cleaning can help ensure that you’re getting the most out of your renewable energy investment. 💡🌱

As a general rule, your solar panels should only need to be cleaned once a year as rainfall will generally rinse off most grime, especially if the panels are installed on tilts. 🏡🌞

Overcast days, early morning or late afternoon when the sun isn’t so strong are great times to clean your panels – the early mornings at this time of the year are helpful as the morning dew will slightly soften the surface grime, making for easier cleaning.

You don’t need anything complicated or fancy:

  • Soft brush,
  • A hose,
  • Water,
  • A soft cloth/sponge,
  • A Squeegee

Start by gently brushing any loose debris off your solar panels and then use a hose, with relatively high pressure to rinse off the panels thoroughly.  You can also use a soft brush, cloth or sponge to gently scrub any grim off.  It’s best to make sure you squeegee the water off as water spots can leave shadows on your panels.  

And remember – safety first!  If you’re getting on your roof top to wash your panels, use proper safety gear and practices and have someone else with you to keep an eye on you.  

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