Generator Maintenance

May 3, 2023

Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Generator

Living off the grid can be an incredible experience, but it’s important to have a reliable source of back-up power for your off grid solar system to keep your home running smoothly through winter or low generation periods. 

That’s where your off-grid generator comes in.  We’ve gathered some handy tips to share with you from the Kilowatt Machinery website to help you get the most out of your generator, prepare for winter and keep your off-grid lifestyle thriving; 

    • Run your generator regularly under load – at least once a month.
      If your inverter is set up to do this automatically with two wire auto start, it’s a good idea to make sure the generator is actually starting and running as expected now before winter arrives. 
    • Use the fuel in the tank.
      Diesel should be turned at least once a year – but more often in cold, damp conditions. Fuel goes off over time, which causes reliability issues – it’s best to keep fresh fuel. .
    • Keep your generator clean and dust free.  
      You need cool, fresh, clean air for cooling and combustion and then need to get the warm used air away from the generator. The warm air cannot be allowed to recirculate. The exhaust outlet also needs to be designed in a way that exhaust fumes cannot recirculate through the generator.
      Remember – don’t install your generator in your battery room/shed. This is dangerous and to our knowledge illegal. Equally ensure equipment and flammable materials are kept well clear of the generator
  • Change the oil, filters and spark plugs at the recommended operating hours
    Check hose clips annually
    An ideal gauge of your generator’s health is exhaust smoke. All diesel engines will puff a little smoke when starting, however when running the smoke should be relatively clear, particularly when the set is up to operating temperature.  White smoke suggests impurities in the fuel, normally water. Check the fuel filter for signs.  Black smoke suggests it is overloaded or the engine is not getting enough air. Check the load and air cleaner. Contact your supplier if you are concerned.  If your generator is smoking excessively something is wrong that needs to be resolved.

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