Solartive Health and Safety Practices Level 4

The health and wellbeing of our members and our customers is of paramount importance to our company.  Our thoughts are with all our communities throughout New Zealand and especially those that may have been directly affected by COVID-19.


We assure you of our commitment during this difficult period and we are here and available for you.  Thank you on behalf of the company for your continued engagement and support. Take care of yourselves, and each other.

Staff Safety

  • We will continue to support the delivery of solar energy

  • If any of our staff are unwell, they will stay home and follow Govt. Guidelines

  • If exposed to any premises at times listed on Govt website follow Govt. protocols

  • The majority of staff will work remotely, with some on site to provide emergency solar power installation and support.

  • All staff to maintain 2m distance from each other and wear a mask  

  • Maintain 2m distance, from customers at all times and wear masks

  • Absolutely no entry into the office/warehouse or by customers, suppliers, or couriers.  

  • Wearing of gloves when handling product 

  • Hand sanitising on site extensively and regularly 

  • Avoid touching face 

Online / Telephone Enquiries and Sales

We're still here to help

  • Solar enquiries can be processed over the phone, by email, on our website or social media pages on Facebook and Instagram

  • All products will be delivered by Solartive personnel and unloaded to the exterior of your home

  • Only two people will handle all products

Solar Energy Support and Installations

Max. of two staff onsite

Home Owner confirmation required

  • Our installer and Electrician have confirmed they haven't been to any areas of interest in the last 28 days

  • Some support may be available over video/phone call depending on location

  • All safety measures will be in place onsite - 2m distancing, tracer app/records, sanitising, masks